All our jewellery is handmade in Cape Town, South Africa, with local ropes and materials.

We Love What We Do

©2018 by African Eyes


Our first collection is inspired on African history; African empires, African states and nations.

Most importantly, our first collection is dedicated to the remembrance of those powerful women that were influential in the continent history.

We celebrate their braveness. We embrace their wisdom.

And we share their kindness.



We play, we create, we enjoy.

Based on everyday life figures and structures, this collection looks to embrace those simple patterns that surround us and are the basis of any living being.

Patterns that promote life and its reproduction.


Travelling is a unique and unrepeatable experience. When we travel, time and space change.

We are surrounded with new smells, colors, sounds. Our bodies move differently.

And we feel and live new things.

Based on that idea, The Limited Collection is unique and unrepeatable.

Limited collection cover.jpg
Medusa cover.jpg


Inspired by the ocean, the waves, the deepness unknown calm and silence, the secrets and the wildness…

Medusa collection honors those unique creatures that travel across the oceans creating light and energy.

Smooth movements combining tranquility and danger, Medusa collection opens a new opportunity to play with materials in innovative ways.


The Rozvi Collection is inspired in our roots and local history.

As a way to commemorate and celebrate our heritage, this collection counts with several statement pieces that remind how powerful the Rozvi Empire was in Southern Africa.